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Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi Marvel Carnage

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Vendor: Kaiyodo

Copyright MARVEL
Height: approx 155mm.

- Maximum carnage! The greatest massacre!

- The amazing Yamaguchi series is the worst enemy Carnage invades!

- Spiderman's worst enemy appears ...!
- Carnage, which is said to be the most vicious among parallel villains (villain), by Yamaguchi Katsuhisa 's hands, action figure of super moveable transcendental detail!

- Split at the shoulder blade part and treatment around the crotch are healthy. Posing with carnage's ferocity such as crouching, preying, attacking, breaking up can be reproduced more than enough.
- All detail that runs as a whole is expressed extremely by prototype producer Katsuhisa Yamaguchi.
- It reproduces not only tight muscle depiction, but also the flow of Symbio Auto that stirs in the body and the texture of the body surface all over.
- The expression of the masterpiece gives out more carnage violence.
- Arranging a large number of replacement parts in order to express special ability to change weaponized cells of carnage-specific body.
- In addition to five kinds of differences such as ax shape, sword shape, sickle type, etc., extended parts are included, and you can choose your favorite parts.
- We also prepared plenty of parts of Shimbi Auto that leave the body further.
- By inserting the parts in all the shaft holes of the whole body it is possible to experience meba superior Symbieco experience!
- Furthermore, when using Symbio Auto Connecting Parts to collect Simbio Auto weapon parts in one place, like a comic, all hands transformed into weapons deformed!
- Symbio auto parts including elements up to an extra widens the range of play.
- Option ey comes sharply towards prey [Attack Eye] and two kinds of [Eye Damage] that distorted one eye.
- Combined with the mouth that opens widely by hinge movements, it is perfect for reproducing Carnage's ferocity!
- Along with the four optional hands that come with you, you can reproduce various scenes.

- Overall Height: Approximately 155 mm
- Movement location: PVC: 40 locations in total
- Number of joints used: 16 in total (figure body)

- Option parts set
· Symbio Auto Parts (Small) (Medium) (Large) × 4 each
· Symbio Auto weapons parts (2 sickle shaped) (sword shape) (Ax shape) (needle shape) (for extension) (for connection) × 2 each
Option eye × 4 attack (both eyes) damage (both eyes)
· Option hand × 4 Handhold (both hands) stance hand (both hands)
· Display stand × 1

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Item Size/Weight : 21.8 x 21.6 x 9.8 cm / 401g