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Anker Cable Management, Magnetic Cable Holder, Desktop Multipurpose Cord Keeper, 5 Clips

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Vendor: Anker

Product Description

Anker Magnetic Cable Holder

Tidy Up Your Cables

No matter what 3.5 mm cables are cluttering up your desk—be it Lightning, MagSafe, USB-C, or others—the magnetic cable holder keeps them out of your way for a clutter-free workspace.

Super Sticky

Stick the magnetic cable holder in a location that’s convenient for you. From wood and marble, to metal and glass, you can attach it to any smooth surface.

Easy to Install

Set up the magnetic cable holder in just 3 easy steps. 1) Clean the location where you want to install the cable holder with a dry cloth, making sure there’s no dust left behind. 2) Remove the protective tape covering the rear adhesive. 3) Place down firmly on your chosen surface.

No Leftover Residue

Don’t worry about ruining your favorite coffee table or desk. The adhesive leaves zero residue behind when removed from a surface.


1)The clips only support cables with a diameter of ≤3.5 mm.

2)The cable holder features a washable adhesive.

3)The cable holder is suitable for placement on smooth surfaces such as wood, marble, metal, glass, and more (vertical surfaces are not recommended). Please ensure you install it somewhere out of the reach of children under 3 years old, as well pets. It can be removed from a wooden table easily, but please make sure to clean the surface of dust before placing.

4)The cable holder’s primary role is to holdscables in place. It can also serve as a channel for the cable to pass through.