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Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair - PlayStation 4 (EU)

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  • Four Classes, Each with Upgrades - Play as the versatile Ranger, the flying Wing Diver, the vehicle-summoning Air Raider, or the armored Fencer, each with unique gear and abilities
  • An Arsenal at Your Fingertips - Choose from hundreds of weapons and vehicles as you fire man-portable cannons, call in airstrikes, drive tanks, pilot jetpacks, or get behind the controls of your very own giant robot
  • You Are Not Alone - Bring up to three friends into any of a whopping 98 online missions. Share vehicles, watch each other's backs, and use teamwork to beat the odds
  • Earth Defense Force 4, Better than Ever - 4.1 runs at a steady 60 FPS and supports up to 1080p, while newly revised missions feature more NPC soldiers, who now respond to the player's commands


Earth Defense Force is an over-the-top action shooting franchise that arms players as an EDF soldier heavily equipped with hundreds of powerful weapons including assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, energy weapons and grenade launchers to drive away insect infestation from all enemy fronts.

Defending the Earth continues in Earth Defense Force 4.1 as it is a port of the Earth Defense Force 2025 title released for X360 and PS3. However, producer Nobuyuki Okajima has stated that the title will naturally feature improved visuals (thanks to the PS4 hardware) and additional story content not featured in the original edition of the game.

The game will retain the same four class system, meaning that players can chose to fight the alien and insect hordes as a Ranger, Wing Diver, Fencer, or Air Raider.

That won't be all you're fighting as EDF 4.1 will feature awesome Kaiju vs Robot battles! One of the monsters shown off is named Erginus, an unknown beast from the deep sea, however the popular theory is that he originated from outer space. The Earth Defense Force has deployed Baram in response, a massive 50 meter tall robot that players will use to fight!

D3 Publisher have also added a new spider-like vehicle to the game: the Depth Crawler. The Depth Crawler specializes in fighting in underground tunnels due to its ability to jump and scale walls, but is also effective at climbing through the city. The Depth Crawler also comes equipped with headlights which are incredibly useful in the dark enclosed spaces, even more so now that all static lights have been removed from the tunnels. The Depth Crawler will also be available in online cooperative play.