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Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi Marvel Comics Venom

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- Vilan (villain) popular in the world (villain) [Venom] decided to resell as soon as possible!

- Look at the flesh of Venom's flesh that goes far beyond human standards!
- We reproduced the body form of the power system that turned into a mass of muscle.
- Expression deviating from this overwhelming volume and ordinary mind, and the movable range which can not be expected from a huge body is the Venom of Amazing Yamaguchi!

- I expressed the uplifting muscles of Venom and the vascular depiction that runs along with that muscle without cheating.

- To support the top heavy body, it is structured not to worry about the move by using a large joint, ball joint, hinge move frequently.
- Lumpy feeling Wide range of motion which it pulls out as it is, there is no mistake when surprised when taken in hand.

- By dividing the shoulder blades, you can move the arm forward a lot without buffing it on a thick chest plate.
- Because the shoulder blade is a ball joint connection, it allows motion to move in all directions.

- Large fingers from a thick arm are in a structure that allows all fingers to move.
- You can express the appearance of various Venom such as the figure that roars towards the heavens and the nemesis spider pointing.

- Washing paint is applied to the distinctive split mouth, expressing the strange atmosphere of Venom.
- The jaw can be opened and closed, the root of the tongue is provided with a joint to express the tongue of the moving Venom.

- The option face is structured to replace the entire head, and it can be replaced very easily.
- I distorted one eye greatly, just prepared a look that makes a lot of glare on prey.

- Parasitic Symbi Auto Parts can unify each joint aperture and connect to every part.
- If you connect Shimbi Auto Parts continuously, you can reproduce the description with the arms stretched like a comic.
- It is reproducible also in the figure that the tip of the arm was transformed into Symbi Auto.
- It is possible to shape even when Symbio Auto flows out from the body by inserting into the four holes provided in the back.
- By using Revoltech common joint, you can explain the advantages of Venom itself and Shinbichi in a wide range.
- When playing in combination with the schedule to be released in January [Amazing Yamaguchi Spiderman], the range of play will expand.
※ This item [Amazing Yamaguchi Spiderman] is not included. Please purchase separately

[Product Summary]
- Moving parts / figures: all 47 places
- Number of joints used: 22 in all
(10 mm joint x 5/8 mm joint × 2/8 mm special joint × 2/6 mm joint × 9/6 mm double joint x 1/4 mm joint with return)

- Option parts set
· Option head × 1
· Symbio Auto Parts × 4
· Display stand × 1

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Item Size/Weight : 21.6 x 21.6 x 9.6 cm / 458g