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Kaiyodo Movie Revo No.010 Nick Wilde

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Vendor: Kaiyodo

Copyright Disney
Height: approx 130mm.

- Nick in the play as it is!

- Fill faithfully the proportion which was deformed and arranged like a human being while taking advantage of the style unique to the fox which made it slurry.
- The coat of fusafusa including the tail is expressed with detailed details with a sense of volume.
- Hand parts and legs are not only cobweely but also built up to the meat balls.
- By combining four face parts and a movable structure with a wide range of motion, you can enjoy from a little cool shape, tenderness that care for your buddies, comical movements that occasionally show.
- Although it is a nihil slurping scammer, Nick with a gentle heart can reproduce the various expressions and gestures that you actually show in the play!

- Doubled attractiveness with movable! -
By using all 14 movable joints, it is possible to attach various movements, and it is possible to express a comical pose.
Using the ball joint, the thigh base moves smoothly, you can easily pose.
The multiple joint structure of the neck makes it possible to take a gesture that tilts a nick unique to the neck, and also a movable shaft is installed at the base of the large triangular ear which is a characteristic of the fox.
Eye can be put on pin and erected and pose can be put asleep at the back Eye has movable eyeball system. You can move your eyes freely.

- Extensive attached parts that broaden the range of expression! -
Face parts, in addition to the normal type with a smile of nihil, comes with all four types of smile, surprise, sorrow. By changing the angle of the ears and neck and expressing it, you can make Nick's emotional expression more prosperous.
Sunglasses which Nick used regularly in the play, optional hand, stand with arm is attached.
In addition to 2 kinds of hands, we have set hands that can hold a carrot attached to Judy (sold separately).
You can decorate with a moving pose by using a stand with an arm.

-2 side by side -
It is possible to create a breathtaking atmosphere even with figures, such as posing with Judy (No. 008) on sale back to back and eye movements with eye movements!
Please enjoy the name combination of Judy and Nick with figures as well.

- Optional parts
· Optional face × 3 (smiling face, surprising face, sad face) · Sunglasses × 1
· Optional hand × 3
· Stand with arm × 1

- Moving parts: 14 in total
Use joint
- 8 mm double joint × 1
- 8 mm joint × 2
- 6 mm joint × 7
- 4 mm joint × 4


A big city where animals live like human beings, Zootopia. The greatest crisis ever came in the ultra-high-tech civilization society where everyone can make their dreams come true.
The standing up was Judy, a rabbit who dreams of becoming a fine police officer.
With Nick of the heron who has forgotten his dream as a partner, she can make a miracle ...?
[Anna and the Queen of the Snow] [Disney in the Bay Max] gives an ale to `courage to believe in a dream ', an impressive fantasy adventure.
The 89th Academy Award, the long animation prize winning work!

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Item Size/Weight : 21.9 x 21.7 x 6.5 cm / 301g