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Kaiyodo Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EV-005 Evangelion Type-02

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Vendor: Kaiyodo

Height: approx 140mm.

- Build aerial combat with the seventh apostle with S type equipment (glide unit) and tentacle parts of the apostles. Scenes that destroy the core can also be reproduced!

- This Evangelion Evolution covers the unnatural joint exposure while incorporating the newly developed joint structure in many places and succeeded in making it compatible with the stylish appearance crossing the past Eva.
- It is only Yamaguchi moveable that it can take the weight feeling properly and the sitting posture that puts the strength in one point can be taken.
- This series comes with a gadget that reproduces confrontation scenes in the play every time.
- Unit 2 comes with `Killing Beetle Rotating Base`. By wearing Unit 2 and turning the steering wheel, you can actually experience the Kiri Momi rotation in the air during wartime.
- If you replace the connecting parts, you can also cope with a knee replacement. You can enjoy the atmosphere of vignette by connecting the tentacle part of the seventh apostle to the base joint.
- It is possible to connect the core of the apostle of clear forming to the soles of Unit 2 by pin connection. In the kick pose which destroyed the seventh apostle, you can display it coolly.
- If you insert a knife into the crack on the back side of the apostle, you can reproduce the scene of the 8th apostle battle.
- You can enjoy various play values \u200b\u200bsuch as installing the core on the stand and floating it.
- The body of Unit 2 comes with S type equipment (glide unit) only for airborne mobilization, you can enjoy the normal condition and two types of styles by replacing the shoulder armor and forearm part.
- Equipped with a super electromagnetic bow gun, armed with a program knife. To reproduce each scene in the play, 12 kinds of exchange hands of various performances such as grasping, grasping, suppressing, running, etc. are attached.

- Moving parts: all 22 places

- Number of joints used: 16 in total

- Optional parts
· S type equipment for mid-air advancement (shoulder × 2)
· S type equipment only for airborne movements (forearm × 2)
· Progressive knife × 2
· Super electromagnetic bow gun
· Umbilical cable
· Kirigami Rotating Base in the Air
· Rotary base connection parts
· The seventh apostle tentacle part × 4
· Core parts of the apostle
· Option hand × 12

- Revoltech Evangelion series reorganized & renewed as a classic brand of Kaiyodo

[Standardization of Revoltech Eva series]
- Revoltech was the main entity since its inception in 2006 [Evangelion] series.
- Evangelion Evolution [2011] evolved from 2011 as evolved as a new standard, revising all its movements and modeling, adding a gimmick of a new idea, improving the play value beyond that, and evolving as a new standard.

- The first Evangelion aircraft that was released was [highly eva action in history] and received high praise to be called by users.

- Evangelion Evolution, which had been deployed in the Revoltech series, inherits the series title as the brand name and reorganizes it as Kaiyodo's standard series.
- New items of the future evangelion will also be revolteched with this brand.

[Evangelion for Kaiyodo]
- Kaiyodo and Evangelion have an inseparable relationship.

- At the start of TV broadcasting in 1995, Kaiyodo was a garage kit maker at that time, carried out the product launching all the shapers.
- After that, we will carry out product development with a wide mass such as action figures, capsule toys, but we definitely handled Evangelion as an important piece among them.
- For Kaiyodo Evangelion is not a title of a number of animation works, but as a standard title of Kaiyodo.

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )

Item Size/Weight : 21.7 x 21.9 x 6.6 cm / 296g