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Kinect Sports Rivals - Xbox One (US)

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More Than Realistic Graphics and Surround Sound:

Your favorite sports and advanced technology in one! Kinects Sports Rivals will transport the players into a world of competition, challenge and excitement! Experience the best-selling Kinect franchise made exclusively for Xbox One, created to take advantage of the console’s features and power that will make a great impact in players gaming experience more than photorealistic graphics or pitch perfect surround sound. The all-new, advanced and the stunning gameplay of Kinects Sports Rivals were developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios.

Technology, Sports and Teams:

Enjoy to your heart’s content as the game offers a remarkable technology that tracks movements and expressions with incredible accuracy, and offers never-ending competition with friends and rivals. Be mesmerized and take different sports in the game like Tennis, Bowling, Soccer, Wake Racing, Target Shooting and Climbing in an amazingly unique way. But first, players need to take the challenge of the captains, and they will decide if you belong in their team: Wolf Clan, Eagle Legion or Viper Network.

Be an unbeatable champion, challenge your friends, rivals, and gamers around the globe, and evolve as the game progress! It’s you VS. the world!