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Legend of Kay Anniversary - PlayStation 4 (US)

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  • 10 years after the initial release comes Legend of Kay – Anniversary
  • High-resolution textures; new, more detailed character models; modern rendering techniques and crystal-clear surround sound
  • 25 different levels with over 15 enemy types and epic boss battles
  • 3 different primary weapons (sword/hammer/claws) with distinct combat styles
  • Various mini-games such as wild boar racing, dragon flying and wolf riding
  • Online rankings: compare your score with your friends’ and compete against the best in the world


10 years after the successful release and positive reviews of its fun and exciting action-adventure of bipedal and talking animals, Legend of Kay makes a comeback in its glorious fully remastered installment in Legend of Kay Anniversary! Promising high-resolution textures, new and more detailed character models, and modernized techniques, and crystal-clear surround sound, Legend of Kay Anniversary will give players an immersive game with smooth combat and a challenging kung-fu experience!

Set in the mythical island of Yenching in the Chinese Sea, cats together with many other animals live peacefully for generations. That is, until the lord of mighty Gorillas - Emperor Shun, conquer and destroy their territory. Kay, a young cat and ferocious martial art apprentice of Master Dojo, embarks on a quest to save his village from the invading troops of Emperor Shun. Along with this mission, Kay's journey to the island of Yenching sets him to find his beloved father while unfolding the secrets that lies behind the evil fortress of Shun. The worlds, which include woods, swamps, caves, and more, re-create the look and feel of classic eastern martial arts movies.

Players take the role of Kay in exploring the vast island of Yenching, fighting skillfully against Shun's troop in 25 different levels with over 15 enemy types and epic boss battles. Just like the original installment, Legend of Kay Anniversary allows players to experience close combat fighting system and executes 3 different primary weapons (sword/hammer/claws) with distinct action styles. Online rankings allow players to compare their scores with their friends' and compete against the best in the world!