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Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster - Nintendo Switch (US)

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  • Today's enemy is tomorrow's ally - The Vortex World is an unforgiving place—you'll need all the help you can get. Recruit foes by answering their questions and getting on their good side, or let fellow demons intervene. Even if you can't win them over, you may still get items or money
  • Create your own personal army - Leveling up isn't the only way to become stronger. At the Cathedral of Shadows, combine two demons to form an even more powerful one. Sacrifice a third demon for even better results. Experiment with different combinations and you may just discover some secrets
  • Master the Press Turn System, the battle system that started it all - Attack your enemies with their weakness—a simple tactic that enables complex strategies. Play your cards well and you can wipe out your foes without giving them a chance to fight back. But make one mistake and it may be your last



An apocalyptic story in a modernized version of the acclaimed ATLUS classic.
The world has been swallowed by chaos. As a demonic revolution descends into a broken Tokyo, the choices you make will determine if it stays that way.

Tokyo, 200X. A young high schooler spends his days blissfully unaware of the chaos about to befall his world. The rebirth of the world, an event which no human has ever witnessed takes place and wipes the world’s slate clean.

Chaos itself enfolds Japan's capital, and what was once a bustling center of life is now a ruined hellscape, where demons from folklore gather. Sucked into this hostile netherworld are our young protagonist and his two classmates, who are separated at different points on the compass.

While our protagonist is unconscious, two curious figures endow him with a Magatama, and hence the power to survive this harsh tribulation. Be it a blessing or a curse, he awakens to find himself reborn as a demon. And so begins his journey through a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, where new enemies and old friends carve a bloody path toward their visions of an ideal world...