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Square Enix Variant Play Arts Kai DC Comics The Flash

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Change. Mutation. Variant. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources, the DC Comics Variant line reimagines your favorite heroes and villains in a whole new light. Crafted by master sculptors, painters, and concept artists, these are some of the finest figures to come out of Japan so far!

The next addition to the DC Variant lineup is a veteran hero, but recent inductee to the Justice League: Victor Stone, Cyborg! A modern take on a modern character, Vic's body features a solid-feeling, aggressive design. Designed with an organic aesthetic, Victor's body mimics an armored human form. A blend of humanlike musculature and bulky, synthetic armored shoulders and legs create a distinctive look for a unique hero Mostly metallic, Cyborg's power surges through his body, overflowing in coursing rings of red light. Needing no external weaponry, this hero's iconic Sonic Cannon can be fitted over his arm, and features a gimmick expand it or to transform it into the more lethal gatling cannon. An interchangeable face part rounds out Cyborgs accessories, allowing you to display him in a aggressive fighting stance. Exquisitely painted detail highlights the metallic armor and brings out his muscular form, and a wide range of motion grants this figure a vast array of dynamic posing options. An impressive take on a impressive hero, this Titan deserves a place in any DC collection!

- Size: about W120mm x D90mm x H270mm
- Parts included: Hand x2, Face, Sonic Cannon, Gatling Parts,
Item Size/Weight : 30.3 x 23.2 x 10.4 cm / 752g