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TakaraTomy Zoids ZW06 Gabrigator

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opyright TOMY / Zoids Wild Production Committee / MBS

--create! Get up! Instinct liberation! (Wild Blast!) Real Moving Kit.

- Parts pack method without need of nipper, adopt instruction manual of color!
- Open the box and start assembling immediately!
- When assembling is completed and you turn on the switch it will move to real!
- Further change in morphology and instinct liberation! (Wild Blast!)

- Mid-size zoid of sarcosus species
- Advance with a motor.

- In the cartoon it is the main aircraft on which caviar boarding.
- Switch on and swing your head and tail left and right to start moving forward.
- The instinct relief (wild blast) is done manually, the whole head protrudes forward, and it becomes a big jaw.
- When you switch it on again, advance as if you bit it while opening and closing the big mouth.

- Product content
· Book of restoration (1)
· Link parts (4)
· Eye Parts (2)
· Z cap (17)
· Rider figure (1)
· Graffiti Label (1)
· Mechanical unit (1)
· Excavation Pack A (1)
· Excavation Pack B (1)
Item Size/Weight : 29.3 x 22 x 7.6 cm / 457g